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Personal Injury

Slip & Fall Accidents

Slip and falls are the second leading cause of injuries in the United States. They account for an estimated 16,000 deaths each year. Many more slip and falls result in serious injuries. Often these injuries and deaths are caused by a dangerous or hazardous condition in someone else's property. An injury or death from a fall that is caused by a hazardous condition in another person's property may entitle the victim or the victim's family to compensation.

If you suffer a slip and fall or a trip and fall, seek immediate medical attention for your injuries. In the case of severe injuries, an ambulance should be summoned for emergency transport to a hospital. Too often, however, severe injuries sustained in a slip and fall accident may not manifest themselves for some days or weeks, making it all the more important that you be examined by a medical provider without delay. Time is of the essence after a slip and fall (or a trip and fall) accident, so you should protect your rights by immediately contacting a reputable slip and fall attorney. A prompt investigation is vital to a successful slip and fall claim. In many instances, the hazard that caused the slip and fall may be a temporary one (such as a liquid spill in a supermarket) and may be cleaned up quickly, destroying critical evidence for your case. An expert slip and fall attorney will initiate the proper steps to preserve evidence, identify and locate witnesses, and assist you in obtaining the necessary medical care. He will also protect against complicated filing deadlines, which for some slip and fall claims may be as short as six months if certain government entities are involved. Failure to meet these deadlines may mean that any claim for compensation that you may have for your slip and fall injuries is lost forever.

What to Do if An Injury Has Occurred

An accident report should be completed at the time of the incident noting what happened, who witnessed both the accident and the conditions that caused the fall along with any other relevant information such as lighting, weather (if accident occurred outdoors) or hidden hazards. The requirement for a report is generally a store or business policy, rather than mandated by law. However, the timely reporting of the accident is most beneficial for all involved parties.

If a report is not completed at the business location, occurred on a public street or sidewalk, occurred at private location or was not observed by others, take the time to write down your recollection of what happened as soon as you possibly can. Information you gather immediately or soon after the accident occurs is much more accurate than any gathered later on. Besides, timely recording of your recollection will help make your claim stronger. Include information such as:

  • Date and time the fall down accident occurred
  • A description of the circumstances surrounding the accident, such as grease or water being on the floor and there not being any signs warning you that the floor may be slippery
  • Who was present at the time the fall down accident occurred and a written record of the comments made by those who saw or helped after the fall
  • If possible, take photos of the area as soon after the accident occurred as possible, and
  • If you were physically hurt, have your injury treated immediately to help substantiate your slip and fall / trip and fall personal injury lawsuit. If treatment is delayed, the property owner may argue that it was not his or her negligence that caused your injury, but rather something that occurred between the time of the fall down accident and your visit to the doctor.

Wrongful Death

The death of a family member can be a devastating experience to live through. It becomes even more so when the death was caused by negligence or oversight, and was therefore avoidable. Wrongful deaths can result from a range of events or accidents; the most common causes of wrongful death include auto accidents, use of defective products, medical malpractice, and construction accidents. In order to obtain compensation, the families of wrongful death victims must prove that the fatality was the result of another person or party's negligence or malpractice. If the person filing the claim can show proof of fault, compensation will not be awarded. If you suspect that you have a valid wrongful death claim, it is important that you speak to a qualified wrongful death attorney for a case review. The statutes of limitations in wrongful death cases varies by state and circumstance; while the statutes of limitations is two years in most cases, it is always a good idea to consult an attorney to ensure you file your suit on time.

Product Liability Claims & Defective Products

Thousands of people are injured each year while using manufactured products. Some injuries happen in normal use of perfectly good products. Many of these injuries though are caused by defective products. If you're hurt by a defective product, you can be compensated for your injuries. Product liability cases are expensive, time consuming and difficult. They require experienced product liability lawyers with sufficient resources to properly evaluate and prove the product defects. Hence, if you are injured because of a defective product, liability for such injury is surely attributable either to the manufacturer, the distributor, the wholesaler or the retailer of such product. Our Personal Injury Lawyers will help you obtain from the negligent party or parties the just compensation you deserved for your product liability claims.

Sexual Harassment & Assault

Sexual harassment in the workplace can be unbearable if you are the victim. It has the potential to destroy lives and careers, and the consequences of suffering such harassment can last long into the future. Roughly 15,000 sexual harassment cases are brought before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in the United States annually, and that number currently shows no sign of lessening with time. Additionally, the number of sexual harassment complaints filed by men has increased three times in recent years, according to the EEOC, illustrating that people of both genders are at risk. The mental, emotional, and financial toll involved in being victimized can be high and adversely affect you and your family. In many cases, the party responsible may be liable for the damages you have suffered, and so it is highly advisable that you contact an experienced personal injury attorney to represent you if you have experienced sexual harassment in your place of work.

Sexual harassment cases can involve a high level of detail and complexity. If you have suffered sexual harassment in the workplace, you could be at risk of losing your position in the company you work for, or even your job. With such high stakes, it is very important that your rights are fought for and your best interests represented.

Construction Accidents

It would seem reasonable to assume that with the advent of modern construction equipment and building techniques that fewer and fewer workers should suffer injury on the job. Unfortunately this is not the case. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) speculates that over 1,000 construction workers will suffer a work-related death this year, most of which could have been prevented. Although every construction worker is trained in basic safety precautions for handling dangerous materials, proper machine operation, and fundamental hazard recognition, accidents still occur. Improperly labeled hazardous materials, faulty tools and equipment, and defective machines can make working on a construction site as deadly and dangerous as battlefield in a war zone. No matter what state you're in, if you are injured in a construction site accident and can't work, contact a knowledgeable, experienced construction site accident lawyer today. It may be the wisest decision you will ever make.